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2x [BUG] Mind Sear (priest)

Guest Delor

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Mangos Version: 9857

Custom Patches: none

Database Name and Version : UDB 0.12.0 (390)


How it SHOULD work: Mind Sear is afficted by your spellpower/haste/crit/hit rating and level.

How it DOES work: Mind Sear is correctly afiicted by your spellpower/haste/crit/hit rating but as a level of caster count with level of afficted creature.


Level to 80 lvl and spawn two NPC. One level 7 and other level 80. If you cast Mind Sear on 7 level, 80 lvl npc wont get any damage, becouse 7 level is nearly unable to hit 80 lvl with spell.


This spell have very low dmg.

There are two spell power coeficients for this spell 28.57% (per tick, totaling 142.86%) and 31.57% per tick (total 157.86%) with Misery talent.

With 2194 spellpower and max rank i should be with Misery talent:

233 - 251 base dmg, + (2194*0,3157=692)= 925 - 943 dmg without any increase from Shadow Form (15%) and Darkness (10%)

Currenty is with no Shadow Weaving, only with Misery (31,57% coeficient), Shadow Form (+15%) and Darkness (+10%) 729-742, crit for 1092-1116


How it SHOULD work:Mind Sear stack Shadow Weaving on every hit. For example, you have group of 4 NPC, you cast Mind Sear on one, other 3 will recieve dmg from Mind Sear, and you have 3 Shadow Weaving stacks on your priest. With 6+ NPC you should instantly recieve max 5 Shadow Weaving stacks.

How it DOES work:Mind Sear doenst tigger Shadow Weaving at all.

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