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[Help] Grounding totem absorbs some direct damage spells


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Hey everyone, I'm sure this is still a current issue and its also an issue on my 2.4.3 client also. Basically its not much of a "can you help thread" but more of a, would this work as a solution. I don't understand the code fully yet so I could be completely wrong and in most situations this would be rejected anyway lol.

bool Totem::IsImmunedToSpell(SpellEntry const* spellInfo, bool useCharges)
   for (int i=0;i<3;i++)
               return true;
   return Creature::IsImmunedToSpell(spellInfo, useCharges);

Now I'm (assuming) that the totem.cpp is making the totems immune to periodic damage and periodic leech spells, which it should. But the totem actually absorbs for instance, the direct damage of the moonfire. I think this may be because its classing moonfire as periodic damage spell (which it is) but not recognising the direct damage on spell cast.

If I were to remove the case_SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DAMAGE: do you think it would then allow moonfires direct damage to be taken into account? Or even so, it would make grounding totem much easier to destory even for a temp solution?

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