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Bug With Commands

Guest Voldemmort

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MaNGOS Rev: 9725

Hello, I have been having this problem for some time now.

When I want to activate any command on me or for example I want to give an item to a player, and another player walk near me, instead of giving the item to the first player (and the player i have selected) I give the item to the second player, the one that walk near me.

Here is an example, I have player 1 and player 2 near me, I have player 1 Selected and I'm closer to player 1, when I'm about to do ".item 9999" the player 2 walk near me, and instead of giving the item to player 1, I give the item to player 2.

A pic to explain :Dhttp://img406.imageshack.us/img406/8149/commandsbug.png

The same keeps happening with any command in game.

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This is because you have and addon like gearscore on you. Addons like those auto select the one that the mouse is pointing at or the last one the mouse hover on.

BTW Nice awesome drawing ;) Picasso would be proud, Leonardo would be jealous the bastard ;)

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