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[9737] Will of the Necropolis and Blood Gorged

Guest sinaka

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Mangos Version: 9737

Custom Patches: none

SD2 Version: 1675

Database Name and Version : UDB 0.12.0 + Updatepack 389

How it SHOULD work: Wenn you skill the talents "Will of the Necropolis" or "Blood Gorged" you sometimes get additional talent points. When you click the first rank of "Will of the Necropolis" you get 2 additional talent points and none is removed. The same with Blood Gorged. You get 4 additional talent points when skilling the first rank.

How it DOES work: You shouldn't get additional talent points when skilling these talents.

The problem occures not everytime, but sometimes. We do further research and as soon as we know a way when it occures on 100% chance, i'll post it here.


// Will of the Necropolis




// Blood Gorged






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