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How to apply patch from one git repository to other one

Guest waza123

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I have own repository branch, how to apply patch from different repository to my branch ?

For example:

Apply this patch


To my repository branch.

Something like:

git pull git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git 2cb35a12ef35a489ddb0e561556c1e918d57f191

With some git command (manually its hard)

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Figured out.. not very easy, but it's works nice.

// Create a link to repository

git remote add tmp git://github.com/[NAME]/mangos.git

// Fetch sources

git fetch tmp

// Create and switch to tmp branch

git checkout --track -b tmp tmp/master

// Switch back to your master branch which apply patch

git checkout master

// Now type the commit id which you want to get

git cherry-pick 1d7f6138bc1e2bc5ae40d264a48fbe2c5ec035cc

// Now push changes to your server

git push [REPOSITORY] master

// Delete tmp branch

git branch -d tmp

// Delete link to remote branch

git remote rm tmp

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If i'm not mistaken, there's no need to checkout a branch in order to cherry-pick from it, fetch should be enough.

You may also have a look at gitk, after fetching you can setup a view to the remote branch to get a history browser plus the ability to cherry-pick simply by right-clicking on commits.

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In ideal case, there would be something like

git fetch git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git 2cb35a12
git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD

but, unfortunatelly, git won't eat it that easily.

However there's still noob-proof

git fetch git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git
git cherry-pick 2cb35a12

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