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Faction Change? :O

Guest yasuno

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Hi i was wondering if Faction Change was just another flag/opcode set/sent to the client like Re-Customization.

Or is it a flag + server side things required to make it usable. I was wondering why this hasnt been released as i figured it might be simple to do.

Im pretty sure the client sets the restrictions by itself, you would just have to tell it what to change in the DB right? But i guess that also goes hand in hand with what spells to change etc.

Input anyone? :o

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Changing a faction, in and of itself, is not extremely hard - it would require you to simply set an alternate race for the character and be done.

But that is only where the trouble starts.

Characters of a certain faction will have reputation with their home areas. Not all areas are interchangable, some are mutual, others very much supposed to be exclusive. And if you did change factions, what would you do about for example mounts? Someone could level up a night elf, get a nice darnassus saber, switch to blood elf and suddenly also get a silvermoon mount? And what about spells, racial abilities - these don't just magically change along, you'd have to replace skills and points in certain skills with their other-faction equivalents, for all possible classes. Same goes for guilds, weapons, open auctions, titles, achievements, flightpaths, etc etc etc. There is so much data to change if you want to do it right that I usually just tell my testers it's not possible - though if you really want to I suppose you could get a basic working script done with not too much effort. Making it perfect will be one heck of a bother though.

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hi, i ask myself approximatively the same things... so i prefer up this topic.

first, i'm sorry but i'm french so if my english seems strange, don't be affraid. No so easy :(.

Well, yesterday i 've installed for the first time a mangos server, i did that only at local network juste for me and my pals... i played too much to wow at official server, i ve daughter now, there is my wife, my job, i can't.. i stopped to play since many times.

When i created my server immediatly i would to bypass every limitations from blizzard. There is mecenaries into warcraft3, i would create a renegate charachter, cause it's totaly RP to split ? betray ? your faction.

When i began to play to wow 3 years ago, i created a nightelver, i mounted my honnor to became a Marshal, there my own faction disgust me at my server, no honnor, no friendly, then what ? forced to create another character since nothing... loosing my grade, my stuff, everything... i ever thing it was stupid to cant change your faction. Not important to mount again all your reputations, your mount... damn it's really matter ? You want a tiger, go to zul gurub.

then what, you can earn specials mounts then your faction can't have normally. Really doesn't matter.

From a RP point of view, it's a bad limitation to can't betray your faction.

I came here to have answers cause i messed hours to learn, understand how to change a character to another faction. I tried to modify his race, from 4 to 8 in the database.. to have a renagate tauren learning from night elves, When i did that a sentinel attacked me then killed me. Ok.. i changed in the database reputations level for my character but nothing... finally i tried mangos command and i can be friend with nightelves but... i can't talk with them. I have a weapon at the npc's. I put my orgrimmar reputation at ennemy, i teleport my character, guards attacked me but i can't be the same thing. The "in war" case is grey, i can't tick it.

If i can, i want to do later some quests to spy then betray every factions. Do events etc etc but it's another probleme. Even if you have not the quests to do, you can create a background to your character, but the probleme is there is no possibility for me to do what i want, i need your help.

I saw in mangos.conf so you can make mixt guild, talk with the opposate faction... so why not permit to change faction without change skins ?

Thx for your help.

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