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[Bug] Rogue and druid combo points

Guest tortosterone

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Mangos Version: 9756

Custom Patches: AHbot, Merged groups, Vehicles

SD2 Version: 1677

Database Name and Version : UDB 389

How it SHOULD work: use an ability that gives combo points on an enemy and gain a combo point

How it DOES work: at the moment NO combo points are being rewarded at all.

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So what big projects insiders branch include, or that only some bug fixes?
please, dont hijack this thread. You've asked the same question under multiple topics and already got the best answer from Przemratajczak - "over 120 patches from variant topics" from multiple sources. If i had a list of every difference to the mangos master branch i'd tell you, but your best bet is to look at the commits made to http://github.com/insider42/mangos

EDIT: traced the problem back to salja's vehicle repo.

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