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Quest POI Client Crashes


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Mangos Version: 9763

Custom Patches: None

SD2 Version: 1677 with ACID 3.0.4

Database Name and Version : UDB 390

I've tested the new Quest POI system with both YTDB and UDB, I had no problems with YTDB, but when I tried it with UDB, I started recieving client crashes any time an area where quest mobs would appear was supposed to be highlighted in blue. The client would crash and claim that there was an illegal memory call. These errors would be different for every instance of the crash, but I have a feeling it's related to the way the data in the DB is interacting with the core. Since this is more of an issue communication issue between the DB and the core, I felt it more appropriate to alert the core group first, as a db problem on it's own should not cause a client crash in this manner.

Any thoughts? Can anyone confirm?

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