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gmlevel problem

Guest shadowshumi

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Like kich0 said, make sure you have shut down mangosd.exe and realmd.exe before making any changes to your server's database. Otherwise, MaNGOS will override your changes and set the values back. Also, make sure to save your changes or the database will not keep the new values. Once you have done this, you can restart your server and the edits should take effect.

Don't forget that CONSOLE must have the GM level. This is to prevent you from corrupting data by not allowing some commands to be executed from inside the game, only through the server's console window. As such, CONSOLE should be set to 8, Administrator would then be 7, and then the rest depend on however you assign the lower security levels.

It's most likely that you set .die to level 8, which should be CONSOLE only, and this prevents your Administrator level from using that command.

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Here's a brief example of how you can add/change security levels:

Adding Security Levels to MaNGOS


Edit the core file Common.h


enum AccountTypes






SEC_CONSOLE = 4 // must be always last in list, accounts must have less security level always also


so when you find that, simply change it to something like



SEC_PLAYER = 0, //Standard player account.

SEC_PREMIUM = 1, //Premium. Trusted with some commands like .tele

SEC_DEVELOPER = 2, //Sever developer. Has useful commands like .tele, .lookup

SEC_MODERATOR = 3, //Moderator

SEC_GAMEMASTER = 4, //GameMaster

SEC_ADMINISTRATOR = 5, //Administrator

SEC_CONSOLE = 6 // Must be always highest level. Reserved for commands not used in game.


Don't forget to edit your database in the mangos 'commands' table if you wish to grant commands to your new access levels!

If you do not reassign the commands in the database, then only security levels 0-4 will be able to use any commands.
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