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[Semi-patch] Pulsing shockwave

Guest Oceanor

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Ok it works but i don't know damages amount. I know that i have to post it in patch format, but i have to download the entire mangos source, if someone want to do that, here is the working code (surely there is a way to write it better):

+                     // pulsing shockwave normal
+                     case 59837:
+                         float fdistancenormal;
+                         fdistancenormal = m_caster->GetDistance(unitTarget);
+                         damage = 100 * (int)fdistancenormal;
+                         break;
+                     // pulsing shockwave heroic
+                     case 52942:
+                         float fdistanceheroic;
+                         fdistanceheroic = m_caster->GetDistance(unitTarget);
+                         damage = 150 * (int)fdistanceheroic;
+                         break;

In "case SPELLFAMILY_GENERIC:" of SpellEffects.cpp, function "void Spell::EffectSchoolDMG(SpellEffectIndex effect_idx)"

Hope it helps :rolleyes:

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The only reference for the two spell IDs handled by this patch was at WoWDB. It simply states that damage increases the further you are from Loken. Range is listed as 50,000 yards (?!?!?). Cast time instant. Duration is until cancelled. No other hard numbers given and I'm just not versed in digging through DBC files to find the data. :(

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I don't think the scale is linear... I found the behaviour of this spell quite logarithmic, starting somewhere about 600-700 damage. Check this graph : http://img180.imageshack.us/i/123pm.gif/

To make the boss a bit more challenging than shown upper, I used this formula :

Starting with aura trigger, 100 or 150 damage (normal/HC)

  • * get distance between Loken and target
    * if the distance is lower than 1/3 y, modifier will be 3,(5) periode
    * calculate modifier as 1 + log1.16 (distance-1/3)
    * if the modifier is < 3.(5), set it to that value
    * final damage = input damage * modifier * 3 / 2
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where did you find the source for these datas?

I looked at wowwwiki, and there is only stated 5y ~ 800dmg, 10y~3000 dmg, this rather looks like rather like a quadratic growth.

Also I found in DBC the information, that the normal spell 52942 has basepoints=100 and the heroic spell 59837 has basepoints 150.

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