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Need Help - Invisible Walls Blocking Progress

Guest kingdutka

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Not sure when this started, but it was within the last month or 2. Sometimes I get invisible walls blocking me from entering areas like the basement to the inn in Kharanos. Right now I am about 80% done with the Mechanar and cannot continue... I am standing above Pathaleon the Calculator and cannot go down the tunnel leading down to him...

I've had these invisible blockers stop me from entering all sorts of buildings. I am fairly certain logging out and back in doesn't fix it, but maybe restarting the server does.

Lastly, it seems to be on a per character basis. I was questing with my wifey and she entered a building and I was blocked from entering. A week later, we went back to that building and I was able to enter but she couldn't. Another few days later, we were both able to enter.

What is causing this and how do I fix it? This is a GAME STOPPING BUG!!!

EDIT: I tried GM command '.gob tar' and it targets the elevator on the other side of the dungeon, so there isn't a game object that got spawned to block my path or anything... It almost feels like I am being blocked on purpose for some reason. Maybe I'm being flagged as a cheater somehow, even though I am playing 100% legit? Idk...

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