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Question about "quest_template"

Guest dardennf

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Hi, I didn't where to post, here or in the DB section.

I would like to know how to handle this kind of quest :




Because currently this is impossible to finish this quest properly.

We need some new fields, like "CreatureChoice1" "CreatureChoice2".... and another field like "CreatureChoiceCount" or something like that.

I hope you can understand what I ask.

Thanks in advance !

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This was already implemented. http://udbwiki.webhop.net/index.php/Creature_template#KillCredit1



Killing the creature simulates a kill for the mob-IDs in KillCredit1 and KillCredit2 for the player. Used for finishing quests, that canbe accompolished by killing different creatures, e.g. killing all wild animals in a certain region.

If you look at those quests, they are already being handled properly with this. Nothing new needs to be added.

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Maybe he's not using UDB for his database or has an old version that does not include these fixes?

I've seen server admins post here that were using cores and databases that were literally years old. Updates seem to be a foreign idea to them. lol

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