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Extractor fix for cataclysm.

Guest dlunch

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I made an extractor fix for cataclysm. It contains stormlib, modified mpq_stormlib.cpp/h from wowmodelviewer. Some warnings for liquid type exists, but i don't know how to fix.

ad.exe compiled for win32 : see below

diff : see below

source archive : see below

I only edited vc100 projects, so if you are using vc90, vc80 or unix makefile, you need to edit project files manually.

edit: Fixed ad.exe for 12025/12065




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the 400 branch is not supported by MaNGOS, in a PM i sent you is a link to a GIT repo that does have it working

your version don't work because: i can't upload the db whit mysqlyog, and it says:

Found DBC files for build 11927 but mangosd expected DBC for one from builds: 12025 Please extract correct DBC files. but my cataclysm is 11927!.
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