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Several Topic Post, Chat And Vip

Guest vandam

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I have several questions i didnt want to take up to much room posting meny posts so i decided to post it all it 1 big context post.

Fisrt question is about chat, I went to some servers and I seen something about Chat and General Channels. Normal Channels look like :

[1. General Chat] [Person] :And set to default Collor.

What im looking for someone to help me create a diffrent type of general chat that looks like this :

[General Chat] [Person Name*]:

This would also link with my 2nd question wich ill make a final example how I want it to look.

My 2nd question, i have 5 Default Admin lvls, "1: VIP1, 2: VIP2, 3:Game Helper, 4:Admin, 5:Owner" In chat i would like to make default colorslike

Rank 1 : Orenge

[Person name] says:

Rank 2 : Red

[Person name] says:

Rank 3 : Blue

[Person name] says:

Rank 4 : Yellow

[Person name] says:

Rank 5 : White

[Person name] says:

This will also effect the same thing in general: Default is Green by the way.

So if a vip was to talk rank 2 the General Chat thign would do this :

[General Chat] [Person Name]:

I know you probly gonna go say Go learn C++ I know my way threw it, but not enought o do something like this but i think this will also help everyone out here that has a similar idea i beleave this is great for chat when i saw a server like this.

Please Help Im a mangos Fan and would love to see something like this if anyone can help.

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