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[patch] fix For Aura::TriggerSpell(), triggerSpells which should be cast on enemy

Auntie Mangos

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What bug does the patch fix?

Fixes a few auras which should trigger a spell onto an enemy

For which repository revision was the patch created?

10178, 10728

Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse? If yes, please add a link to the thread.

No, however a few comments/hacks in SD2 files

Alternate way to handle this: http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=2954

Who has been writing this patch? Please include either forum user names or email addresses.



Need to closely review this patch;

With recentish changes to Arcane Missiles, this needed serious reimplementation;

probably now the cleanest way will be a hardcoded way by spell-entry!


http://paste2.org/p/1094636 (10728) (uses the Improvement of SelectAttackingTarget, http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=14555)

http://paste2.org/p/1094637 (10728 - fullpatch)

A bit about discussion:

There are about 35 spells related, many of them should target a random Target from enemies, some are melee spells and hence should target the topmost-aggro guy in range.

Also from this bunch of spells there are a few spells which will need single-treatment in any case.

However I didn't find anything common in these spells, that is why there is this _very sloppy_ and possible false (for some) selection between range of the spells.

This should fit -in general- good to the goal.

An alternative was to put these spells all into a switch, but this is also not so great.

Perhaps anyone here has a good idea ;)

For further research, this is my list of spells:



http://paste2.org/p/911699 (10178)

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