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[10180] Vmpas crash

Guest A350fly

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MaNGOS : 10180

Additionnal patches : Vehicles.

Vmaps enabled

Vmaps.height enabled

Vmaps.IndoorCheck enabled

I don't really know how to reproduce this crash for instance.


But I've got another strange crash when I go in liquids environnement (like Borean sea)

It's not redundant and for instance I couldn't reproduce it when I go in the same place.


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Thanks for the exhaustive dedbug info.

I haven't tried to reproduce yet, but i think i already see the problem...

intervalMin = -nan(0x400000)
intervalMax = -inf

These ones are already incorrect...and i even had thought about switching out this bound intersection code...well, hindsight is easier than foresight...


Can you tell me which map caused the crash in your second log? Unfortunately it got optimized out...

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Well i couldn't reproduce the crash (well freeze actually), but for this to trigger you really have to be exactly at an object border, matching to the last float bit.

Possibly some architectural differences (x87 vs. SSE2 math) could also influence chances for the bug to occur.

In any case, the code that cause above mentioned wrong values should be fixed in [10190].

If you can reproduce the crash by ".go xyz x=1177.09558 -6162.37158 232.168243" then just test before and after the commit to be sure it worked.

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