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Python client (Eliza chatbot)

Guest gaatjenietsaan

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Hi All,

I started an implementation of a Mangos client in Python. Mostly to learn Python and experiment with AI.

To quickly get it to a state where it might be of interest to others, I created a proof of concept Mangos chatbot thingy, hellowow (suggestions for a better name are welcome). IIt is now under SVN, at:


Basically it is a chatbot, using a pre-existing character, that listens to whispers (and monitors configurable chat channels) and whispers back a reply from an Eliza implementation (not mine, but it is open source licensed and hence provided), like:

Player: Hi

Eliza: How are you

Player: Fine

Elize: Why do you say you are Fine


Reactions on my test server (with up to 2 testers :)) were positive and, altough the novelty wears off with such a limited tester base, we had some laughs with it. The used open source Python Eliza implementation (the only one I could find in short time) is quite limited in its number of responses, though.

I'd really like some feedback on this.

What is needed to run this:

Mangos (only tested on Linux with svn 6761 running local)

Python (only tested on Linux with 2.5.2)

I guess WIndows and other versions of Python 2 and Mangos/Trinity will also work, but if not, please let me know.

How to use it:

Download with an svn client of your choice.

Go to the 0.0.3 directory and read the README filke.

As stated in the README file, copy hellowow.cfg.example to hellowow.cfg and edit it (if the defaults are not good).

Run python main.py

Again, feedback is most welcome (even if you don't want to run a chatbot, just let me now what would work for you in an AI client).


UPDATE: added link to later version

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well eventually I would like mangchat to interact more with players ingame also... but he is talking for IRC functions.. I have been working on letting mangchat link to a eggdrop using tcl scripts, just to provide additional channel control..

gaat if you are interested in helping develop mangchat at all let me know, we could add in the AI implemenatation as an option...

in case you dont know what MangChat is it is a (IRC <-> InGame Channel) relay bot that also includes a LOT of the ingame commands which are available from a IRC Chatroom..

I will download and test your ai bot out, it sounds really cool..

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  • 5 months later...

is this project dead?

have a little problem..

it connects to the realm (7663 Compile)

logs in

selecting realmd

counting char

But i cant select character!

i was hoping one of you maybe could help my.

i know its not build for 7663 but would be glad for any help :)

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