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I'm surprised nobody talked about it yet, but I think it would be nice to have a "Relaxation" section in the forum.

We're just humans after all, and I'm sure we all like to sometimes talk about something else than MaNGOS, WoW, C++, spells and vmaps. (Well...I hope we all like.)

That's what makes a great community too, when you start to learn a bit more knowing other contributors.

Just talk about actuality, debate on something that happened, sports, music whatever you want :)

It would definitely make some people come more often, therefore contribute to the project too.

I know these forums were not made to speak about the death of Michael Jackson or the climate change, but sometimes share something with the community might be great :)

What's your opinion?

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Lets hope politics and religion are NOT on the menu as those things often offend people which will negate the purpose.

Unfortunately there is a theory (cannot remember the name of this theory) that explains why the religion, politic and other controversial subjects always appears in long discussion or forum thread.

This is potentially inevitable :(

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