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Pet talents question


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Is there a way to increase the talents a pet is given, like a multiplyer or something? Or even just change the amount they have? I've looked throughout the database and can't find a thing.

sub note: Would be good to have a switch/flag multiplier implemented within the config file as character talents are. :D

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I didn't see anything for this. I think you'll need a core patch ^^

Maybe in Pet.cpp :

uint8 Pet::GetMaxTalentPointsForLevel(uint32 level)
   uint8 points = (level >= 20) ? ((level - 16) / 4) : 0;
   // Mod points from owner SPELL_AURA_MOD_PET_TALENT_POINTS
   if (Unit *owner = GetOwner())
-   return points;
+   return uint8(points * sWorld.getConfig(CONFIG_FLOAT_RATE_PET_TALENT));

You need to add a few lines in World.cpp/World.h to make it work :)

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