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3 in One

Guest DaViper

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What Features does this add:

I created this for easier setup of my repos.

for which repo was this created:

Rev: 10377

Light house report:

Yes(DaemonCantor), No, No.

Who has been writing this:

DaemonCantor, Author Unknown, Schmozzard.

Part 1) Daemon Cantor was able to fix about half the problems with ACE and Thought others would like his fix. I think the Devlopers should add these to help return to the motto of No Errors/No Warnings since most of what this fixes has been there for close to a year.

Part 2) PvP Rewards system to help advance low populace Servers and allow Honor and Money from Duals. I have no clue who wrote the original but I've been maintaining it since.

Part 3) Schmozzard's GO fix which is located within this forum and does work quite well...All HAIL the Might Schmozzard!

Link to this Tripple Play is: http://daviper.pastebin.org/465899

Please consider these and I do think they will make MaNGOS a little better

Thank you.

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Hi DaViper,

I fully agree with you for the convenient purpose of combining patch :) Managing an high amout of diff file and handling conflicts is a 24/7 work without a good planning.

But on the dev side I prefer to see atomic commits on my own repository (even on outside repo's).

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1) ACE has been updated to 5.8.3 in [10874] and we try to not modify external libraries if they dont break things

2) Likely outdated custom code

3) If the GO fix was proper it was probably added by now - if not Schmoozerd probably still has it around

Well patch link is broken but I move it to rejected based on given info and age.

Please never combine different non-related things in a single patch. Use seperate patches and one thread per patch, thanks ;)

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