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[patch][5715] Combo Points

Guest thenecromancer

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Problem: If you use Finishing move that does not attack target in effect it is possible to completly avoid CP usage

How to repeat: You just need to clear your m_attacking, for that just use macro for example

/cast Expose Armor /stopattack

In my opinion if you use Finishing move it shouldn't matter if you are attacking or not, also should be impossible to cast on another target ( and if that happens, our Combo Points should be still cleared to prevent cheating )

Index: game/Player.cpp
--- game/Player.cpp        (revision 5672)
+++ game/Player.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -2709,7 +2709,7 @@
                spellInfo->EffectPointsPerComboPoint[1] != 0 ||
                spellInfo->EffectPointsPerComboPoint[2] != 0;

-        if(comboDamageUsed &&    m_attacking && (m_attacking->GetGUID() == GetComboTarget()))
+        if(comboDamageUsed)
                needClearCombo = true;

        // Check in duration calculations

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