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"Candy" Emu CMS/Website

Guest Mynt

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Please provide feedback after testing it out. Tell me what you like and don't like. This is a tool being made for you all.

The download link will be available as soon as I am able to log in and provide the SVN link. Currently I am somewhere that I cannot access my filesystem.

The original post that was posted here was considered a rush post. I did not follow some word suggestions, and well I am reiterting what I had meant, vs what was posted. I apologize for the confusion.

Candy, is a new CMS project being developed to support MaNGOS. It is a tool, that will help clarify internal synchronization as well as external synchronization. This tool is a front end written in PHP which will talk with MaNGOS and allow a multi user system that will both create a communty as well as a website to help and grow your MaNGOS project.

CMS Features -

-News Script

-Article Script

-Articles/Stories that release on MySQL Flagging, Event tags, any special Alias Key's

-Wiki System built in for development

-Forum System

-User System

-Secure with Cookies/PHPSession, using SHA1(md5($enviroment)));

-PM System

-Table Synchronization for MaNGOS

-Uses Smarty Template System *TPL*


-Scripts utilize PHP5(Ioncube) to prevent hackers from exploiting your code if files are taken

-Custom Admin Area


This project is still in works. However I wanted a place to post about it, and allow people to track a thread or /subscribe to incase they want to follow development, as well be alerted when a download becomes available.

http://mynt-labs.net will always be running the latest build. Please excuse the adverts about Leaf EMU, that is a project that I am working on built of MaNGOS, using test frameworks.


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The point was that we came out with a stable version. I am somewhere during this week that I am unable to access my SVN account due to where I am at. It will be released shortly. As well as to get some general feedback for what people want from the system.

The pricing is for something different.

Leaf EMU is a emulation product. It is a paid script which has no bearing on this tool. Pay no attention to that. It is not a paid emulation script, it is a paid product for maintaining as well as other things. That is in the process of being removed since we decided the product will be released as Open Source, not a paid system.

I am not somewhere I can update the actual files, and layout. It is free.. Not paid. Sorry about that.

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