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[patch][6810] Command to send mail with money

Guest fredi

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This patch adds a command to send a mail with money to a player. I did it because sometimes I want to send some gold to my friends and if they are offline I had to go to a mailbox. Also, you can make a php script connect to the server by Remote Access and execute the command in your page's admin area. Well, in fact I'm just sharing because it can be useful to someone.

Download: http://filebeam.com/b2a55894e64ba1c0208f20367bb541d1

Don't forget to import the sql file in mangos database: sql/updates/sendmoney/sendmoney.sql


.sendmoney #player "subject" "text" #money

So, if you want to send 1 gold to someone:

.sendmoney someone "gold" "here it is" 10000

Feedbacks are welcome!

Hope you like it.

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