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Ok, I'm not one to normally complain, but I'm really not sure where else to turn.

I am trying VERY hard to do my own developing, trying to learn the differences between the 303-willcrashforsure branch and the current version of Mangos. However I feel like I have NO resources to talk to. I'm doing sort of well picking and proding at the code trying to figure out what's changed here and there but there are sometimes I just need a developer to talk to so that I can ask what are probably simple questions. I've tried seeking help on the mmorpg-dev IRC channel, but no one ever answers when I ask a question.

I've always thought of Mangos as a "learning" project... somewhere that developers can get together and build an MMO core, but how does everyone communicate?

I'm sorry for venting but I just get very frustrated in that I can't seem to find anyone that give me answers on new development - Yes, I know that this branch isn't supported... I'm not interested in support... this isn't a "Production" thing... I'm trying to learn how to develop.

(NOTE: This thread is not directed in anyway towads TheLuda, subhuman_bob or NTSC... they've always been very helpful)

Here are some of the things I'm trying to figure out on my own that I would appreciate any assistance I can get:

  • * In the UpdateFields.h there are many fields that have changed, but in particular these three fields I can't figure out what they are pointing at now: UNIT_VIRTUAL_ITEM_SLOT_DISPLAY; UNIT_VIRTUAL_ITEM_INFO; GAMEOBJECT_STATE
    * I've tried a couple variations on adding zones to santuaries. This is what I used to use:
    if(zone->flags & AREA_FLAG_SANCTUARY || zone->ID==1 || zone->ID==876)             // in sanctuary

    but I can't seem to get it to work. Do I have something wrong in my code?

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I think that the first is the items being displayed to other players and on the select character screen. It is an array of structures that lists item display ids and enchants. I don't know the structure off the top of my head.

Virtual Item info, I think that is what you see when you press C and open the character pane. Same thing, an array of structures with item info and enchants (also includes gems?).

Gameobject state should be fairly obvious. It is a 32bit integer with the "state". Alive, dead, open, closed, activated, etc. I don't know the states but I'm sure they are defined somewhere. They may be specific to the game object (ex only doors can be open, only lights can be activated).

As far as your code there may be more to a sanctuary than that simple check. Try looking around the code for more. If there isn't then maybe you have the zone ids wrong. ZoneID is not the same as AreaId.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

My problem hasn't been understanding what they are for, that part I got... What I can't figure out is what the NEW field names are for those data sets. (or if they even exist)

As far as the santuary code... I've tried several different variations - GetAreaID(); Zone, etc. but I still can't get it. Regardless of the fact that it uses an area id now instead of zone id.

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Honestly I don't know the new names. I haven't updated in a while now and probably won't be coding for a few months since Wrath was just released where I live =P

The sanctuary zones may be implemented somewhere else in code. I do not know where but I can give you an example of something else that was implemented like this. NPC water walking for example was hard coded in the BuildMovementPacket (Object.cpp).

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