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[bug]Chain Lightning + Shamanism


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Mangos Version: 11158

UDB 0.12.1 (397) for MaNGOS 11064 with SD2 SQL for rev. 1953

Warm greetings to all MANGOS users.

I would like to report two serious bugs concerning Shamans. Both of them result from faulty values of spell coefficiency. Spell coefficiency is widely described here: http://www.wowwiki.com/Spell_power_coefficient.

The first problem: Spell Chain Lightning

In this spell there are two main aspects:

1. On each next "jump" base dmg value should be reduced by 30%

2. On each next "jump" spell coeff should be decreased according to this pattern:

125.14% (57.14% + 40% + 28% on each "jump", respectively)
– that is also reduction by 30% in comparison to the previous "jump"

In my tests the base hit damage values without spell power proved that the damage is correctly reduced with every hit by 30%, so point nr 1 is all right.

However, the test with spell power proved, that each consecutive "jump" has spell coeff the same as the first hit, that is 57,14% for each "jump". So as far as the first hit out of all three is correct, hits nr 2 and 3 are much higher than they should be and the bug gets worse the more spell power a player has.

The second problem: Talent Shamanism

The problem with this talent is directly connected to Chain Lightning as well. Let's go back to the spell coeff for CL, this Time with Shamanism:

125.14% (57.14% + 40% + 28% on each "jump", respectively)

145.14% with [shamanism]

The value 145.14% concerns the whole Chain Lightning spell, meaning that the bonus of 20% should be distributed among the three hits, following the same pattern as earlier, so each consecutive "jump" 30% less. That means (my calculations):

145.14% with [shamanism] (66,27217197% + 46,39284002% + 32,47498801% on each „jump")

Our tests have proven, that the first hit gets the whole 20% bonus, and I assume (this has not been checked), that the second and the third hit receive the same bonus.

Shamanism influences also Lava Burst, however this aspect seems to work fine.

Combining the Chain Lightning and Shamanism bugs, elemental Shamans deal dmg far greater than they should and as a result the whole pvp balance is shaken.

I would be grateful if someone checked whether my suspicion about spell coefficiencies for those two things are correct, and, if they are confirmed, took care of this painful problem.

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