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So because I DO READ the announcements and it was CLEARLY stated in theLuda's post that GIT would be mirrored to SVN and the link in THAT announcement still shows Revision 6767...

Come on...you close my topic because the Dev's have failed to come through on something they said would happen???

What gives...perhaps we are now seeing CLEARLY why there has been problems of late with the dev teams.

Why the desire to quell and shut people up when they are trying to get some anwers.

Quote from Announcements


in the light of MaNGOS development switching to Git for version control, many community members have told us that using Git would not be userfriendly or lack system integration under Windows (as there is nothing like TortoiseSVN for Git).

In the last few days I have been writing a script that will automatically import all Git commits into the Sourcefourge SVN repository. I am currently testing this with a mirror of the Git repository and a mirror of the SVN repository.

Within the next week you can expect so see this going online within the next few days if no major issues show up.


The Git repository will be mirrored to the old SourceForge.net SVN living on http://mangos.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mangos/.

Commits will only go into the trunk/ and only from the master branch on GitHub. Thus development branches on GitHub will not be available on SVN.

The mirror will be updated once a day ~ 21:00h CET. "

this was posted by TheLuda...

If this information has changed then THIS first post should have been updated with the appropriate information. Instead some moderator links to a completely different SVN and tells me that I should have read the announcements.

What is wrong with you people. Try being helpful and don't CLOSE every topic because you are afraid to give us some answers.

As for using GIT...I will be using GIT...I will learn it at a time of my choosing. When it actually functions with simplicity with an integrated GUI...but as it was designed for Linux users who believe the command prompt reigns supreme this will probably not happen. So in reality the choices of the Mangos Dev have caused the division amongst the community.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Must make people feel uber that they can close topics and post responses that don't provide any explainations.

Seriously...get over yourselves.

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You can rant all you want.. the first page of that thread wasn't updated but the last page of that thread contains freghar's post that he made a mirror and then Theluda didn't bother to make a mirror for sourceforge as well.

The fact is, the information was there, you didn't read it, and you made stupid accusations. I could have closed your post without giving any information but instead I gave you what you wanted, the link to the svn mirror.

As a matter of fact the official git gui and gitk are already quite easy to use though they don't cover everything that git can do. More guis are coming, for example the development for TortoiseGIT started recently. Even on windows, using the git command line is not so hard, you just have to learn it. There is an entire section of the forum devoted to teaching you how to use it so you don't have any excuse.

Due to your rude behavior you've earned yourself another closed thread.

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