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Guest filo

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How I can make my own patch with somes changes in source?

I try use this command:

git format-patch -1 --stdout > my_changes.patch

but its create file with 0 bytes...

I read another topic, where I find this commands:

git add .

git commit -a -m "my commit"

but this command will commit change to mangos branch, no? I need create my own private patch.

Thanks for help

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  • 5 months later...

git diff #A diff that outputs all the changes made that are uncommited (Except untracked files)
git diff HEAD^ #Compares the last commit with the one before that and outputs a diff
git diff COMMIT COMMIT #Compares 2 commits and outputs a diff

Just add "> FILE.EXT" to them for saving to a file.

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