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Problem: Segmentation fault

Guest tendonsie

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I'm moving my Centos 32bit server to a new Centos 64bit server.

Because of that, I'm trying to get my Centos 64bit (5.6 final) server working.

What does I have: A clean centos 64bit working, with all yum install and yum update that the guides say.

Alsof I have transfered my working MaNGOS source map to the new server.

Then I compile mangos.

-> Works

After that I started Realmd

-> Works

Afther that I started Worldd

-> Everything works, but the last second of starting up I get:

Segmentation fault

Before I see this result I have thing seeing:

Game Event .... started

Game Event system Initliazed

Player::DeleteOldChars: ........



SQL: Select guid, deleteInfos_Account from characters.

6 times such a SQL.

Segmentation fault

What I don't have see is

Worldd Initialized

How can I fix this.

Search on forum with search option and found one topic,

that see update system and compile again.

Done that, don't work.

I also doesn't have any error during A to Z. Only this two words.


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i searched a bit with google and found this thread


as i can see its a problem with yum so reinstalling it could solve the problem maybe also not the 64 bit but the 32 bit can solve this... also the used repo is maybe a fact you can switch but so far i don't know centos so i can't help you further but you can try it :D

As i can see the problem is 32-bit / 64-bit related :)

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