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Fix for logical mistake in aura create

Guest breakwater

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if an holder is create, some holder start with max stacks

i mean this part in in

SpellAuraHolder::SpellAuraHolder(SpellEntry const* spellproto, Unit *target, WorldObject *caster, Item *castItem) :
m_spellProto(spellproto), m_target(target), m_castItemGuid(castItem ? castItem->GetObjectGuid() : ObjectGuid()),
m_auraSlot(MAX_AURAS), m_auraFlags(AFLAG_NONE), m_auraLevel(1), m_procCharges(0),
m_stackAmount(1), m_removeMode(AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT), m_AuraDRGroup(DIMINISHING_NONE), m_timeCla(1000),
m_permanent(false), m_isRemovedOnShapeLost(true), m_deleted(false), m_in_use(0)
   // some custom stack values at aura holder create
   switch (m_spellProto->Id)
       // some auras applied with max stack
       case 24575:                                         // Brittle Armor
       case 24659:                                         // Unstable Power
       case 24662:                                         // Restless Strength
       case 26464:                                         // Mercurial Shield
       case 34027:                                         // Kill Command
       case 55166:                                         // Tidal Force
       case 58914:                                         // Kill Command (pet part)
       case 62519:                                         // Attuned to Nature
       case 63050:                                         // Sanity (Ulduar - Yogg Saron)
       case 64455:                                         // Feral Essence
       case 71564:                                         // Deadly Precision
       case 74396:                                         // Fingers of Frost
           m_stackAmount = m_spellProto->StackAmount;

now in aura constructor the stacks are not be in look.

with SetModifier we must take damage * stack


@@ -417,10 +417,12 @@ m_isPersistent(false), m_in_use(0), m_spellAuraHolder(holder)

+    damage = damage * GetStackAmount();
    DEBUG_FILTER_LOG(LOG_FILTER_SPELL_CAST, "Aura: construct Spellid : %u, Aura : %u Target : %d Damage : %d", spellproto->Id, spellproto->EffectApplyAuraName[eff], spellproto->EffectImplicitTargetA[eff], damage);

    SetModifier(AuraType(spellproto->EffectApplyAuraName[eff]), damage, spellproto->EffectAmplitude[eff], spellproto->EffectMiscValue[eff]);

    Player* modOwner = caster ? caster->GetSpellModOwner() : NULL;

i hope you unterstand. I have registered this logical mistake with the spell 62519. The Modifier is without this fix calculate right in the method SetStackAmount()

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