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Would like to pich in

Guest Wolominiarz

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I would love to pitch in to the MaNGOS project. I am currently working on a home project that is nearly completed. It is a MaNGOS gameserver realm encouraging people to report bugs and help developing. Whether you think this is a good idea I don't know and that's why it is not online yet. I unfortunarley do not have any experience with C++ but on the other hand I am interested in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Python<-(not much experience). A long time ago when I ran my first MaNGOS standard WoW server one was able to contibute by scripting bosses or adding items to the database. That is what I had in mind and what I believe that I can help you with if that is still something relevant. Please do PM me and let me know how I could pitch in. Basically what I would need is some more links to more detailed info on how things work. Is everything in MaNGOS now basically located in the core?

Best Regards

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