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Battlegrounds on Mangos One ( TBC 2.4.3 )


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Hello. I have little problem ( I think it's little i have Mangos One core from getmangos repository) and all on server works fine but when i want to go BG and i'm in before the BG start there are no doors. ( They are automatically destroyed(unsummoned) when BG start) and there are no flags and more in Battlegrounds:

Problem is here i think i have updated database, and when i start serve it wrote much of these erros:

2011-10-03 16:39:01 ERROR:BattleGroundEvent: missing db-data for map:30, event1:55, event2:0 ("Alliance Marshal - Stoneheart Bunker")

and much more....

But they're writed in the database and saved in database and i don't know why it's writing this. When it will be repaired i think it will works because there will be loaded Battleground Events..

So thanks for help :)

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