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Magic Grounding

Auntie Mangos

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http://getmangos.eu/community/topic/16916/spell-cant-be-dispelled-but-should-be/ is another thread about this topic (Deaden Magic was later changed to Magic Dampen but still same mechanic and spellid -> 19714). So only name was changed everything else stayed the same. I don't know if it is working on wotlk-mangos but atleast it isn't working on tbc and vanilla mangos.

It is indeed a debuff (what it shouldn't be) cause in Spell.dbc the AttributesEx is SPELL_ATTR_EX_NEG and SPELL_ATTR_EX_UNK8.

So i tried to change the spell in SpellMgr IsPositiveEffect.

That brought a partial success: It was shown as Buff and it was rightclickable like a Buff to get rid off.

But it still is somehow a debuff if you put it on yourself or a friendly unit and use dispel it goes away like a debuff.

The Aura the Buff gives is working like it should. Everything except that it is a debuff...that annoys me.

There is nothing really uncommon about this spell in spell.dbc.

Tried some hacky ways with changing it to a blessing or mage armor but still no success.

running out of ideas... but i'm pretty new to mangos and probably there is something that i've just overlooked.

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This is actually a buff, though it is added to your spell debuffs.

Next to that it can't be dispelled bij other players.

When you cast this spell on yourself, you can dispell it.

When your target has this buff, you can't dispell it.

Probably somehow the spell is seen as 'negative' ( debuff ) not a buff. ( this would clarify why you can dispell it when you have magic grounding active on yourself but can't dispell it when magic grounding is active on your target ).

Does anyone know where to find/change the cause of this? And mebey how to fix this?

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