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[hunter] pet basic abilities (3.3.5)

Auntie Mangos

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Mangos Version: 11840

Custom Patches: -

SD2 Version: 2326

Database Name and Version: udb 403

How it SHOULD work: the damage from the basic abilities of the hunters pet (bite/claw/smack) should scale with the ranged attack power of the hunter.

the formula of the damage calculation:

min damage = (118 + ((RAP * 0.40) * 0.20)) phisical damage

max damage = (168 + ((RAP * 0.40) * 0.20)) phisical damage

How it DOES work: the basic abilities from hunter pets do not scale with the ranged attack power from the hunter.

As a result of that the damage done by the pet’s special abilities is to low.

this problem seems to only appear with the basic abilities from the hunter pets.

links to the pet basic abilities:




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1. formula bad

i have tested this formula at retail, and it shows that the formula is correct.

i used an untalented raptor with claw, and changed my gear so my RAP would change.

with 592 RAP it does 373 dmg

with 3452 RAP it does 600 dmg

with 12657 RAP it does 1337 dmg

now i calculate the damage with the RAP from the test with the formula.

(168 + ((RAP * 0.40) * 0.20)) damage.

(168 + ((592 * 0.40) * 0.20))=215.36

(168 + ((3452 * 0.40) * 0.20))=444.16

(168 + ((12657 * 0.40) * 0.20))=1180.56

now the numbers seem to be off, but when you compare the calculated damage with the actual damage you see almost the same deviation.




the deviation is about 156 damage, this because it is been tested on a level 85 char.

now if you add 156 to 168 you get 324 and then the formula works correct.

(324 + ((592 * 0.40) * 0.20))=371.36 damage.

(324 + ((3452 * 0.40) * 0.20))=600.16 damage.

(324 + ((12657 * 0.40) * 0.20))=1336.56 damage.

the numbers have a little deviation but thats because i took avarage damage.

the basic number 168 in the formula: (168 + ((RAP * 0.40) * 0.20)) damage,

should change when you level up and get another rank and shouldn't be a static number but should have a damage range between 118 to 168 so you dont get the same damage over and over agian, but it can variate.

a link for the basic damage number without the RAP factor for each rank: http://www.wowwiki.com/Bite

the numbers are the same for smack and claw.

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1. formula bad

i used an untalented raptor with claw, and changed my gear so my RAP would change.

yes, for untalented raptor wit untalented hunter this numbers may be true. but formula must include:

1. possible different base damage from different pet types

2. possible pet talents

3. possible hunter talents

4. damage de/increasing auras and effects.

and, in general, drop invent the wheel, it's all been done a long time and works almost fine...

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