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[General Question] Formula for Zone Area

Auntie Mangos

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I been stuck on a section of my project for a couple days. googled out. What I am looking for is the formula for calculating zone area for a player and/or NPC and mobs, with the x,y(,z optional) given. After some extensive search, I have found this is acquired through some formula using the position_x,y

I already have exported all the names of areas and zones. So I have those readily available. What I dont have is how to obtain those id alues.

example William Pestel(sp?) id:253

x -9460.3

y 31.9389

I know he is in area 12: elwyn forest

Azeroth mapid:0

I know a few languages, so if you know of how this is obtained - I tried looking through a few source codes, however it seems not many these days comment their work, so I end up going in circles. If it is in the source. shoot me the script, I am writing my app in PHP (if that makes a difference), I am sure it is something ridiculously easy.

If there is a link here - point the way, I got nothing with the search.

Thanks in adnvace

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