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Branches, merging, masters and cereals

Auntie Mangos

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When MaNGOs made the change from using Subversion to Git, I was [em]very[/em] lost! :/

Thanks to the many helpful people we have here in our community, I conquered my confusion, adding and merging branches like an old pro in no time at all.

Although my questions at the time were specifically about MaNGOS 0.12, now called MaNGOS One, the principles and techniques still apply to just about any MaNGOS.

You can read this informative thread here... I just don't "Git" it at all

There's dozens of other useful topics on using Git in the Source code management section of these forums. I hope these will help you. ;)

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So I know how to compile (even if I don't understand all the thing I do) and run a private server, clap clap.

Now I'd like to understand more about Github and its branches system, and how to merge different versions of Mangos.

For example, I'd like to have mmaps of faramir118, playerbots and a current version of Mangos (and ScriptDev2). I assume the faramir118's version is not up to date, not as the Mangos master's version, so do I need to clone faramir118's, then Mangos, then playerbot ? No I don't think so... I guess I have to "pull" something up and merge it, because faramir118 has to modify something into Mangos Core to interact with mmaps ; and here I'm lost.

I guess there is version (how do you call that, a fork ?) of Mangos with all updated three components but it's hard to know what's in Mangos R2, and in rsa, insider42, przemratajczak etc.

So, thank you if you understood my question(s) :)

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