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Mangos Zero v1.12.1 Website & DB Combo (V-WoW)


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something fun, and hopefully useful, I could not find many website templates that cover the Zero branch. This is a work in progress, however it is at a point where it is functional and able to use live. Some features (and my testers keep tossing me new ideas):

  • Registration
  • Basic DB Items,Quests,NPC/Mobs (more coming soon)
  • Site Status
  • Who's Online(very simple)
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Ease of adding your own pages

In a nutshell, I combined a wowhead style (very basic) with a website.

Album here http://imageshack.us/g/46/vwowquestsel2b.png/


I had a few goals in mind when I made this. Most of my friends are not super versed in PHP so I wanted to make this as easy as possible, so that eliminated the OOP.

One of the earlier problems I had with my other sites, was, adding custom pages were a nightmare. This one, hopefully, seems to be much easier (instructions on the wiki). I also wanted it so that any language could use it, but, I only have the English file (if someone can whip up a bad English that's cool too LOL, no seriously love to see some other languages added)


  • Ok the coding is absolutely horrible, and I am in the process of cleaning it up. So no flames there - If you have Ideas for more efficient ways of doing some of the routines, by all means hook me up. I'll eventually get around to it.
  • incomplete instruction file - but to the pro's this should be an easy setup. just edit the dbvars.php.dist and rename it, and you should be fine.
  • Oddly, this does not work well with chrome, dunno why, i tested it in safari, ie9, FF, and a few others and its fine. but hey! who uses chrome anyways (so guess I'll fix that later)
  • IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS - back up your changes if you are going to keep updating! It will overwrite
  • While this is not "bad" per'se, this only works with zero. You will get errors all over the place otherwise. Now a few of my testers ARE using it with WOTLK+, but they are also changing the code to make it match - most of the errors you will get are in the db search section). Will I do a TBC+, NO. But I can get you in touch with those that are making changes - I think one person I making a new branch with those changes.

Anyways.. thought I would share. It is a very fun project to work on. Challenging as well. If anyone knows the formula for getting a NPC/Mob location (by name ) would love to hear it. its the only thing that is not very accurate in the search engine.

Also, any ideas submitted will be credited accordingly (just make sure you tell me what name you want to use).



[== php ==]
svn checkout [url]http://vanilla-wow-db.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/[/url] vanilla-wow-db-read-only

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