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Problem with equiping weapons


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Hi, I know that Fist weapons are not supposed to be used by Warlock and Death knight, so it's type in item name is red for those classes.

But the problem is that it's possible to equip fist weapon for them just like a usual weapon (I've tested this with main-hand fist weapon).

I mean all they have to do is just right click on it.

There must be somewhere to define which class can use which weapon. How I can fix it?

Thank you :)

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Possible this related not to item problems but to problem with skill spell known state for fist weapon.

Table `playercreateinfo_spell` store know from start spells for class/race pairs.

including 203 'Unarmed' that let as i think use fist weapon. I suggest check is this spell wrongly known by affected classes

I don't get it. How do you think that spell 203 is related to learn to use fist weapon?! ability to use fist weapon has another spell ID also IMPORTANT thing is that weapon type name is still in red color an if it was an start spell it should be white. Somehow warlock and death knight still can right click and put it in MAIN HAND weapon slot. That's weird 8) I say again, this problem is only about Main-Hand fist weapons for now.

Anywhere else to check and fix? either SQLs or *.CPP files?!!! :(

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It was my understanding that you could not equip a weapon without first learning that weapon proficiency from a trainer. Fist weapons have a separate proficiency from unarmed, so you should not be able to equip fist weapons unless your character starts with the proficiency for that weapon type or can learn it from a trainer.

Aren't rogues the only class that starts with fist weapons as a proficiency?

Maybe look into some sort of check to see if a character has the proper class and weapon proficiency before allowing a weapon type to be equipped?

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I recently bumped into the same problem using UDB 403.

I've searched all the tables in the database, but there is no table where I can possibly fix this.

So I think it might be a mangos problem.

The problem probably is due to the 'Unarmed' skill. I tested wearing a fist weapon on a DK and a paladin and both can wear it when both should not be able to wear it.

It could be, as stated above, that unarmed means you can wear fist weapon, but I don't beleive that because:

a) why is 'fist weapon' written in red

b) why, according to below (just a few) sources, DK cannot wear fist weapon on bl!zz servers

some forum post

old wowhead


edit: did some more testing, when hitting with a fist weapon equiped and not max skilled, you improve your unarmed skill. so it realy is related to unarmed on mangos+udb/ytdb but it should not according to the above mentioned sources

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