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[One] Health Funnel & Warlock Pets

Le Froid

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Here's a bug i discovered after updating to the latest mangos rev--

Mangos Version: 1467

Custom Patches: MMaps-One

SD2 Version: 2388

Database Name and Version : TBC-DB 1.2.1 'Winter Veil Fun'

How it SHOULD work: The spell 'Health Funnel' should simply channel the warlock's heath to his pet, and nothing else.

How it DOES work: As of now, from what I've noticed your pet will attack you if you try this spell after exiting combat. Perhaps it thinks that you're attacking it? When I dismissed the pet and summoned a new one it wouldn't fight me back.

Edit: I also just noticed after running away from a hostile NPC my pet would chase after me and attack me. So maybe in one of the latest revisions the pet/minion system got screwed up in some fashion?

Final Edit: After doing some testing I have concluded that rev s1462 is to blame for this bug, after reverting the revision the pet system went back to normal for me.

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This bug exists, because the warlock gets damage on his own and not caused by any other target.

fix with: https://gist.github.com/1694390

greetings, dac

Thank you for the input DaC, however for some reason my system gets compiler errors after applying that patch:

error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'bool' to 'Pet *'

I can edit the code to look like this:

if (Pet* pet = GetPet())
       if (this != attacker)

however I don't understand why that specific patch won't work.

Edit: After some testing with this patch it does appear to work.

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