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Room System

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good idea!

make a intance template, and relate to player, then make a custom item with sd2 script (transfer player or his friends in/out instance, do like a ticket).

you can make a custom box with sd2 script (can put in something or take out something).

now have two problem:

1) The map ID of the instance_template is relative to map.dbc. if instance_template's record befitted your room environment. if you add record in map.dbc, maybe raise client exception.

2) now wow client (2.4.1 8125) can not support custom item http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=24021&st=0

i am troubling the second problem recently !

hope your success!

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Hey everyone!

I am trying to make a modification for my MaNGOS server which would allow each player to own their own "room." Within their room they would be able to place objects (and possibly creatures). Other players can visit their room and owners can control access to their room as well as how it looks, etc.

Now, my idea is that each room would be a separate instance of a default "room layout" and the owner would be tied with the instance. Now the main issues are:

-Keeping the room tied with the player.

-Controlling access between players and rooms.

-Being able to place objects in an instance of a room and only have them show up in that instance of the room.

If anyone has any ideas on how to implement this or anything, I would love to know. :D Especially help with the instance system.

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My inspiration comes from other online games of the such.

Placing objects would be a cross between ScriptDev2 and core, it needs a wrapper function because as of now scripts cannot create gameobjects. As for controlling access, I was going to allow the player to set permissions for their room which would control who would be allowed to get in, and players would talk to a "room controller NPC" where they could find other player's rooms and enter.

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Actually, I was thinking of creating a new table in character DB called "room_instance" which would contain the map ID, the instance ID, the coords for the entrance, and the ID of the player/account the room is bound too. That would control room binding.

I read the topic about custom items and I am now pretty sad, although it says they still work, they just don't have pretty pictures on them anymore. :(

EDIT: Ah, yes, Razor! That was exactly what I'm looking for. Would still need changes, though, like DB support.

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The main problem now is: controlling which objects are in which instances. Is it possible to have objects exist in only one instance of a map?

A workaround I'm thinking of right now is to have an instance script which, on object creation, checks whether or not the object belongs in that particular instance of the map and shows/hides it.

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Lord X-Press your right, but i think object spawn thingi should be a part of it! I dont know correct me if im false... but there should be an own system (becaus the objects should spawned in the instance, not on the map) - this would be very hard to write....

EDIT: Like Patman64 said

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