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Npc Add Command

Guest AngelicFury

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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Mangos Version: 3.3.5 Mangos Revision 11928

Custom Patches: Unrelated DBC edits. And same result without the custom patches on.

SD2 Version: None

Database Name and Version: Mangos Default database. Same version released in revision 11928.

Database Edits: All creatures in "creature_template" were deleted and replaced with my own ones. Currently ranging ID from 1 - 6. (It's a new project).

C++ Skill: Beginner

How it SHOULD work: It should spawn an npc at your location and save the guid to the "creature" table in mangos database.

How it DOES work: After typing in ".npc add 6" (A valid creature ID), it does not spawn in game or in the "creature" table. Instead it simply posts the help Syntax message. Yet if I type the same thing with a invalid creature ID such as (in my database); ".npc add 175". It will come up with the standard error message saying it's an invalid ID. So the ".npc add #ID" command is correct, as well as the get ID function. However the method of placing a valid ID is failing.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: Renamed "Mangos Version: Standard" to "Mangos Version: 3.3.5".

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