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After a long search, I decided to ask... how can I configure Ra access?

what do I have to write instead type;port;username;password?

type - from what?

port=I believe is 3443

username=admin from game?

password=password of that admin account from game?I guess

ty in advance

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sure, no problem. Here is what I use:

//Send SOAP command

function SendCommand($realm_host,$realm_soapport,$do_command){

$username = '[realm_username]';

$password = '[realm_password]';

$client = new SoapClient(NULL,


"location" => "http://$realm_host:$realm_soapport/",

"uri" => "urn:MaNGOS",

"style" => SOAP_RPC,

'login' => $username,

'password' => $password


$result = $client->executeCommand(new SoapParam($do_command, "command"));


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use this:

telnet address port

replace address with your server's IP or hostname

replace port with the port you have configured for RA

follow the prompts to login (push enter to send)

after you are logged in, just use it like you would the mangos console

I did all of this and I get Wrong Password... any ideas why?

I used telnet host 3443... all perfect... I was asked for password...but still getting wrong pass

Ruafo ty for the info I will take a look over coremanager to see if I can manage to use your info into it

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SOAP can use any port you want... as long as you setup your mangod.conf to use that port. If you're getting wrong password (for either) then most likely you are doing one of the following:

  • Not using a GM Account
  • The firewall is blocking the port
  • The username is not in CAPS
  • you have a non-alphanumeric character in your password (like @#$%^&) For some reason I've noticed telnet and SOAP don't like those.
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