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Custom XP Rates Command [MaNGOSZero]

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I have used the code from http://getmangos.eu/community/topic/15446/request-double-xp-donner-player/ however I cannot get it to work in-game. I have created the command, it updates the database but that's about it. It has no effect on the XP gained in-game.

My aim is to have a player command so that I can choose my own level rate.

Can anyone help?


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You instead create a new integral value in the player class with a default value of 1

uint32 xprate = 1;

Then inside the void Player::GiveXP(uint32 xp, Unit* victim) function you add this: xp = xp*xprate; (in the beginning would probably be fine)

Then you create a chat command to set the players xprate value.

That should be it, if you need more help, then reply here again! And remember, the goal is to learn!

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uint32 xprate = 1; should be in the player.cpp file inside here:

Player::Player (WorldSession *session): Unit(), m_mover(this), m_camera(this), m_reputationMgr(this)


And what we are doing atm, is writing our own xp rate system, do you want this to save to the database or just be modified by a command?

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