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Mangos Zero Auction House bot?

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hey guys. im running a fresh compile of 0.12.1 rev 1809. i cant for the life of me find anywhere that will give me an answer on whether or not some sort of auction house bot works for mangos zero yet.

i assume it would, so i grabbed the mangos one version of it and tried patching it. though it failed with many errors. though im new to compiling and c++ so it could be something i did..

any references i have found to specific mangos zero auction bot either have dead links or are outdated, so,

my question is, is it possible? and if so, where can i download the auctionbot.patch for it? if it doesn't exist, is there any way i can add (hopefully with an already created sql script) all bind on equip items and their minimum sell price to the auction house manually? i had a quick squiz at it before but it soon surpassed my sql query knowledge.

thanks all :)

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