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Session_key, v, s...how they work?

Guest Princess

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Hi, I'm doing a cms for mangos, but I have some little problems:

I have:

"UPDATEaccount SET sha_pass_hash='$npass', sessionkey='', v='', s='' WHERE username='$login'" this works ok on game, but when I tried to login on web this fail because, session_key, v and s...How they work?

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Do you want an login on an web frontend with your account credentials from realm database? if so, you don't need session_key, v or s, they are only needed for game clients. a check agains a sha1 hash should be enough.

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yes, but it too strangle.

In realm database I have:

sha_pass_hash = fe6f7b9ad8bb5a6caad5b6c5dc5568e2196bdc1a

but If I use the algoritm on php:

sha1(strtoupper($login) . ":" . strtoupper($opass));

it give me:


the same login and the same password, it works only in wow login, but on web it fails :S

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30f71ce763fa241a988e9a20314a124f8229fa70 T_T

How mangos does to login? I don't undertands why mangos can login on wow with fe6f7b9ad8bb5a6caad5b6c5dc5568e2196bdc1a but when I use the "supposed" algoritm to hash the password, it gives me other password :S

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i can assure u, its upper user/pass, just look at mangos source its clear

if u cant figure it out, in a couple of days when i check out forum again, i will provide a working example that u can easily get either from read source or any 3rd party project, from memory try something like

SET sha_pass_hash=SHA1(CONCAT(UPPER('$username'),':',UPPER('$pass'))), v=0, s=0

hint minimanager has got it right, same as dozens of other projects, i cant name now cos im drunk

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Well, here is mi poltergeist!

The account/password is kili/petardo

If I use sha1(strtoupper($login) . ":" . strtoupper($opass)) it gives me: 4bb5e28d95f82a3ea265177381a6d3bd60944dbe <------------CORRECT

But if I go to realm account database I have: fe6f7b9ad8bb5a6caad5b6c5dc5568e2196bdc1a <-----WTF??

I can't log into web with 4bb5e28d95f82a3ea265177381a6d3bd60944dbe BUT I CAN log ingame into wow with fe6f7b9ad8bb5a6caad5b6c5dc5568e2196bdc1a

What's the problem? I don't understand :S

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std::string AccountMgr::CalculateShaPassHash(std::string& name, std::string& password)
   Sha1Hash sha;

   std::string encoded;
   hexEncodeByteArray(sha.GetDigest(), sha.GetLength(), encoded);

   return encoded;

That is mangos password check, which is equal to yours in php. Just look at another mangos CMS's code and see how they do it? :)

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That is very strange, the accounts not working is probably not created properly.

maybe, but those accounts can be logged perfectly by game...

Client apply upper case to login/password before send. Mangos apply upper case at accound creating by internal command and expect that in DB you store hascode created from _upper_ version login/password if it calculated by external tools

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