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Failure to extract DBC/vnmaps/maps

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I have been following the following guide to the letter, however I am running into a 'small' problem right now.


I am trying to set up a 1.12 server, yet the extractor seems to expect a WoTLK or higher client.

Have I compiled the wrong things? Screenshots follow;

Extracting fail1http://i44.tinypic.com/r076lg.jpg[/img]

Extracting fail2http://i39.tinypic.com/2zz3fow.jpg[/img]

Fail 3http://i42.tinypic.com/2mezqk6.jpg[/img]

(does not detect any WoW at all?)

Already tried a complete de-install of WoW and other Blizzard games (+reg clean just in case) and re-install with only the 1.12 client, still the same.

Vmapextractor3.exe also crashes in the middle. I probably missed something rather obvious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Apparently I was using the WoTLK extractor instead of the vanilla one, hehe. I am now at the final few steps, however I seem to have missed something.. again!

I went through all the other steps to create a realm, and changed the conf files accordingly, however, mangosd.exe will not load properly, whereas realmd.exe is stable.

I've also got no clue how to provide more accurate information for this.

Edit; Managed to open it in a command line;


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Afraid I have to call out for help again :P

Seeing as the DB I used was a completely empty one I decided to grab a filled one (the one from https://github.com/mangos-zero/database)

After adding all the SQL files I got the following message;


Any idea where I could find these? I checked the forums and the repository on the site, but I can't seem to find it. Also attempted to use Python, but I can't seem to find the proper things to change in it :P

I apologise for the (possibly) excessive amount of questions!

Edit; yes, I'm a complete noob :3

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Thanks a lot for the help so far guys! I'm afraid I ran into something else :(

All the updates were successful, however today when I tried starting up my server I got the notification that SQLyog cannot connect to the database on localhost. I checked the config files and they were still in order. I rebooted my computer and got a notification that the program mysqld.exe had crashed. I looked it up in program files and tried launching it, but it became unresponsive.

If there is a log file somewhere that I could share please let me know. The server was working fine until I shut down the computer that night. I don't like Windows :(

Edit: Nevermind this, I did a clean re-install of MySQL and it worked again. However, when logging in the game is now stuck at connected.

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