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ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex question


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I modifier LooItem struct in LooItem.h and added ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex in it.


This makes compile fail with error

2>c:\\core_temp\\test-zone\\code\\dep\\ACE_wrappers\\ace/RW_Thread_Mutex.h(63) : error C2248: 'ACE_RW_Mutex::operator =' : cannot access private member declared in class 'ACE_RW_Mutex'

2> c:\\core_temp\\test-zone\\code\\dep\\ACE_wrappers\\ace/RW_Mutex.h(127) : see declaration of 'ACE_RW_Mutex::operator ='

2> c:\\core_temp\\test-zone\\code\\dep\\ACE_wrappers\\ace/RW_Mutex.h(42) : see declaration of 'ACE_RW_Mutex'

2> This diagnostic occurred in the compiler generated function 'ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex &ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex::operator =(const ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex &)'

The reason for this is that it tries to initialize instance of ACE_RW_Mutex, but is has private constructor, so it fails.

Question - why? There are so many ACE_RW_Thread_Mutex'es in code (HashMapHolder, TerrainMgr, etc) but there are no such errors.

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If mutex need only for original LootItem structure then you can overwrite operator= or LootItem(LootItem const&) to proper way avoid copy mutet (create new in new struct copy. Also i not look but possible LootItems stored as value in storage container and then copy constructor can called when container grow/etc.

But posible most correct answer: you add mutex to wrong type when it not expected and wrong placed for any uses.

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