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Levelstats 80+

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I want to set the maximum level to 150.

What I did so far: I edited the dbcenums.h file and recompiled mangosd. I think this should do it.

Atm Im writing the levelstats.

Here's my actual problem:

The stats can't go above 255. When I change a value in SQLyog it is set back to 255 when I reconnect to the db. (HeidiSQL doesnt even let me set the value above 255)

I would like to know why that is an whether one can fix it or not.

Help is much appreciated

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There have been several mods done to increase the level cap and stats progression. Check the old forum archive. Also look at UDB forums and AC-Web.
That is not my problem. I only wanted to know, if the stats can somehow be raised above 255. But "kid10" wrote that the problem lies at the client. Which cant be fixed that easily I think.
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Unfortunately, that's correct. However, I mentioned those mods in the hope they may still be useful to you. Some were quite extensive, going so far as to add new items, gear, and even rebalancing spells, mobs, and dungeons for the increased levels.

With the relaunch of our community, I'm unsure if the long-standing taboos against client modifications still stands, but there are a few forums out there that delve into the workings of the executable and libraries used by the game. It may even be as simple as using a DBC editor to get the desired effect.

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yes but level 150 is pretty useless if the attributes (stamina, agility, intelligence, ...) are maxed at 255 the same as at (say) level 100. Given how gear-centric wow is, more levels wouldn't be that big of a bonus anyway, without really extensive modifications.

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