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A Thank You to Mangos!


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Firstly I would like to say, welcome back! its good to see the project back up and running :)

this was a video a friend and I put together as a thank you video to Mangos Zero we had posted this on the originally forums and so we would like to repost it here as well :)

this is an island made completely from scratch

a big thank you again to mangos zero for this even being possible :)



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I remember quite well, learning that there was 1.12 servers. Trying one out, expecting it to be quite terrible and busted. But then logging on and..just being stunned by what I saw.

Then doing further research and this name ''mangos'' kept appearing. And then finding the official site itself.

I could not beleive it....a free...1.12 emulator. I slapped myself, thinking that I must be dreaming, surely this was not real, it must be a phishing site! But no, it was mangos zero forums.

Anyone putting effort into ANY wow emulator, whatever version it is for, deserves so much thanks for all the time and effort/research that you all have done.

I work with MangosZero, 1.12 will always hold a spot in my heart as being the peak of wow gaming.

And mangoszero, is an incredible piece of work, very well made. It never lacks a way to allow me to do what I wish with it.

So this little island is something, that we took the time to do quite awhile ago, as a thankyou. To you all.


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I found Mangos via a repack. It sort of worked, but was so buggy that I didn't attempt anything more for a while (once you died, you could res again).

Once I found Mangos and stumbled through the build/extract process, the utter excitement of loading the client and entering the game on my own server was amazing.

Over the next few months I tweaked and tweaked the database site until Northshire Abbey was full of NPC's doing their own thing and a market set up next to the inner wall of the entrance (along with the main vendors and some portals to major cities). I'm still proud of that today.

Sadly I lost all that work when I came back to Mangos about six months later and everything had moved on lots.

In the process of updating everything, I forgot to backup my Mangos DB so lost all my changes :(

I continued updating and studying Mangos throughout the early WOLK 400 'crash for sure' period and also worked on an ASP.Net frontend to Manage the server and to allow me to observe the few friends that I had given access to my server.

I then hit a level of despair when internal in-fighting looked like everything was going to fall apart and developement was going to stop - Both server and Database Developement.

Trinity was formed and we lost some good people, several rival DB groups formed and we lost some good people. Luckily some of the best people remained and thanks to the rallying call from TheLuda things started to come together again.

However, I hit a major problem shortly after this - The last working copy of the WOLK client i had became corrupt and for a long time I gave up as I couldn't find the patches required to get it back up to a working version.

Sadly from the outside looking in, with all this upheaval the Mangos 'movement' lost it's momentum - where once Mangos was a patch or so behind retail. WOLK was a long way behind retail and CATA is even further behind. Part of this is Blizz being crafty and changing a lot of the underlying tech to totally mess with Mangos (granted some of it is to improve the tech of the game).

The retail version vs. Mangos client is one of the single biggest nightmares for me. To me being able to load mangos using a copy of the latest client would make life so much easier (and proberly gain us a lot more users). Don't really care if all the new stuff is present, just as long as I can get in easily. I appreciate the work that goes on beind the scenes to update the opcodes etc., plus the major changes to the core required for each version.

But now that MOP is almost upon us and cata is still in early dev, is it worth continuing to work on cata (which is almost replaced by a new version) or jump to MOP and back port any cata stuff that isn't in MOP.

Mangos has limited resources and a majority of the old posts seemed to be how to get client version xxx working with Mangos version yyy. It would be nice to work with the basis of using a recent retail version and apply the Mangos world to it.

To recap, I'm so glad that Mangos is back. Just cringing that now that 5.0.4 is live, my version of 4.3.4 is on borrowed time.

As i've said elsewhere, I'm happy to help out where I can. Lets make Mangos THE server project that people want to use.

Thanks TheLuda and everyone else involved

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Work has begun on MaNGOS for 5.x, but it's in a pre-alpha stage. Just like with Cataclysm, there are some client changes that must be resolved before server development can proceed in earnest.

However, there is no reason you can't get a head start on the MoP database so start gathering live game data and reading the ADB, WDB, and DBC files as much as you like! ;)

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