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Creating your own World of Warcraft Server(zero)



I don’t remember who made this post so forgive me for that. If you know the author could someone tell me please, thanks

most of the links are dead in this guide and maybe a bit out of date

this guide could still be used with other cores with a bit of modification

also where can I upload images ?

as it has no images atm, I have put in in code brackets to reduce the space it will use, Tell me if you want them removed

DERP wrong guide will update when I can

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Since it's a tutorial, or a how-to guide, I'd say you're already in the right place. Otherwise, it might not be too far off the mark to post it in the Core sub-forum of the Zero section.

TheLuda and Salja are still polishing the rough edges. There's still work to be done and the sub-forums are still being organized. It's just going to take time after the efforts of resurrecting the site and forums.

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Alright I will just move the original question into this post and update the original with the saved post

original Post:I salvaged some stuff from the zero project before it droped, among those was a really good guide for install mangos zero, where would I post it ?

If a mod prefers me to start another thread I am happy to

I also have in saved in .doc if someone wants it

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Good job, lostone! :)

A few finishing touches, like fixing broken links or inserting the info they pointed to, and we'll once more have a definitive guide for those new to MaNGOS and the Zero core.

I'm a packrat, too. I have gigs of old docs, guides, patches, and tools archived in case my PC went offline. Good thing I did, since I had to give up my network. :rolleyes:

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Well, darn! :lol:

All you really need are links to the repos for core, database, scripting, and any optional mods like Playerbot, for example. This is your chance to contribute your own guide, all updated and working, to immortalize your name as the one who showed future generations the way. :)

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