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Built in scripting lib is useless

Guest LilleCarl_

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Hello there! Just wanted to ask! Why do "universal" exist? Its not useful for anything at all xD! Should ad least be up to date with mangos library functions, and have project files (until cmake is working for win at least)

I had to import scriptdev and "strip" it from everything i didnt need to get a working script lib for "my" scripts ^^,

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(until cmake is working for win at least)

Cmake isn't working on windows? :o

Nop, not proplerly at least

meaning: mangos cmake projects have some problems (mostly for developer tasks).

Yeah but the library is out of date as well

To be more precise, there seem to be issues when using CMake with Visual Studio projects. There have been no examples given, but several devs have raised complaints.

Library is out of date as well, but yeah they are complaining because they do not know the full capabilities of cmake ^^, It is for sure a very useful tool for all possible platforms!

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